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Learn to Dance for your Wedding

from Keo Motsepe

For Only $25.99


Learn Your Wedding Dance

Imagine… All eyes are on you as you take the floor, spinning and swaying in perfect harmony…

Your wedding dance is the beginning of your life journey together as a couple. It is one of the very first things you will do together after the wedding ceremony, as you are presented to your family and loved ones as a bride and groom. What a magical moment!

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Learn your wedding routine from Keo Motsepe
Learn your wedding routine from Keo Motsepe

Keo is here to bring that extraordinary moment to life!

In one 40 minute private video lesson, in the comfort of your living room, Keo will teach you a wedding routine – both lead and follow that will have you and your partner swinging in style.

Keo will tailor the perfect wedding dance for you, to create that beautiful moment you have always envisioned.

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