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Dancing with Keo

Learn How to Dance with Keo Motsepe

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Dancing with Keo

Learn How to Dance with Keo Motsepe


Unlock your Potential with Keo Motsepe’s Online Dance Courses

Learn How to Jive


Learn the Cha Cha


Learn How to Rumba

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Learn How to Salsa

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Learn How to Samba

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Kwaito African Dance

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Keo Snacks by Ashlee

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Learn Online from Keo Motsepe Anytime, Anywhere

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Uniquely designed testing mechanisms allow users to actively participate and engage during training to foster comprehension and retention.

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The web-based interactive training and communication platform makes navigation simple for all skill levels. Log in and you’ll be able to begin training with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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State-of-the-art, integrated features track, measure and monitor progress with comprehensive reports and alert notifications directly to email or SMS in real-time.

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Access your training anytime on any web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device to match your on-the-go lifestyle.

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Repeat and review key courses and exercises as users advance through the training to ensure comprehension.

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Attain your Certificate of Completion once all videos and quizzes have been completed.

Keo Motsepe's online dance courses learning system

About Keo Motsepe

Born in Pretoria, South Africa and raised in nearby Johannesburg, Keo has been moving to the rhythm of his emotions since the age of 5 when a friend brought him to the small, neighborhood dance studio that would become the launching pad for his love affair with Latin Ballroom Dancing. The youngest performer in the modest studio, Keo knew immediately that this was what he wanted to do with his life, “I tried soccer for a while, before a friend said to me ‘this is not for you’”, he explains with a laugh. “But the second I found dance, I knew I had discovered my life’s ambition.”

In June 2014, during his tenure in Australia with Burn the Floor, Keo had the opportunity to audition for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. One month later, Keo got the call that not only would he be joining the show, but that he had been selected as one of the Pro Dancers for the 2014 season.

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Learn to dance online with Keo Motsepe's online dance courses
Learn to dance online with Keo Motsepe's online dance courses

Online Dance Classes from Pro Dancer Keo Motespe Feature:

  • Learn from Keo no matter what your experience level
  • Beginner to Advanced modules for each dance
  • Option to upgrade for a 15 minute video call with Keo
  • Personalized LIVE wedding dance instruction courses

  • VIP package includes a LIVE 30 minute video lesson

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: I’ve never danced before, will these courses be too difficult for me to take?

    Answer: Keo’s online courses are for any experience level; available in beginner, intermediate and advanced in each dance style to accomodate the learner at each step during training.

  • Question: How do I access the training system?

    Answer: You can access your training by logging in from any device, including mobile, tablets, desktops and laptops.

  • Question: How long will it take to get access to my courses?

    Answer: You will receive access immediately. Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide within a few minutes of purchase.

  • Question: I cannot access my account, how do I contact support?

    Answer: You can contact support via phone (Monday-Friday, 8am – 5pm PST) at 1-800-439-5788. Or, you can submit a ticket online to LightSpeed VT support at https://support.lightspeedvt.com/contact/.

Client Testimonials

Barbara Corcoran testimonial image

There’s not a better dancer in the whole wide world than Keo Motsepe. Learning to dance with him was an absolute delight because he’s so charming, hugely motivating, super energetic and ever so patient! Keo framed me perfectly and boy did I dance! I consider myself the luckiest person ever to have Keo as my instructor on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and I’m thankful to call Keo my cherished friend.

Todd Krim testimonial image

Keo is not only an internationally-renowned dancer/choreographer but he is also a humanitarian & philanthropist who supports Childhelp and other non-profits benefiting disadvantaged youth. I am proud to call him a friend.

Todd Krim, Philanthropist
Jodie Sweetin testimonial image

Keo is one of the most patient and kind people I know, and when entering the world of dance, he’s exactly what you need! He makes dancing fun, easy and exciting. Some people may be intimidated by learning something new, but Keo is able to break it down and make you feel comfortable each step of the way! After Keo and I spent long hours every day together, working on Dancing with the Stars, we became like family! He’s one of my favorite people and truly one of the most amazing and talented dancers I know! If you’re looking for the best teacher, you’ve found him!

Jody Sweetin, Actress
Jennie Finch - Dancing with Keo Online Dance Courses with Keo Motsepe
It was an absolute pleasure to get to know and to have Keo as my dance partner on DWTS. He is full of joy and his passion and heart shines through in all he does. I’m so thankful for my journey with Keo on DWTS, and the opportunity to work with him.

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